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In my mid-teens, I was torn between careers in the Merchant Navy and journalism and pursued both until I was offered the chance to become a deck cadet and learn the skills to become a navigation officer. On the day before I left home to join my first ship, I received another offer, this time to be apprenticed as a journalist. The die had been cast and I went to sea. Much later in life, when running a Consultancy business in Project Management, I took a sabbatical and wrote a 400 page book on those skills and was bitten by the writing bug. Better later than never!

Progress Report!

‘Progress’ I hear you cry – ‘We thought you had given up!’ It has been a long time since I last blogged, but that’s because I am learning that writing gets more difficult as you progress. Why? Because it’s then … Continue reading

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A Persia Mystery – Help Needed

One of the mysteries I have not yet resolved during my research into the sinking of SS Persia on 30th December 1915, is how it happened in the position reported, off the coast of Crete. Let me explain – SS Persia departed … Continue reading

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Since the Remembrance Day for SS Persia took place, pictured above, I have been continuing to collect information from many who have become like friends during the writing process and there seems still more to come. Thanks to all the … Continue reading

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The Persia Story

Progress Report As I have written on earlier occasions, research begets research, sometimes uncovering treasure, but often leading down blind alleys. Almost a year has passed and I am still not quite there to tell the story, or my findings on the … Continue reading

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SS Persia – Centenary Remembrance

On Wednesday 15th June 2016, almost fifty descendants and relations of people who died when SS Persia was torpedoed by U38 on 30th December 1915, gathered at Buckler’s Hard on the bank of Beaulieu River to commemorate all those who … Continue reading

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Centenary Commemoration – The Battle of Jutland

Please excuse this brief diversion from the SS Persia story, but it is in a very worthy cause. On Tuesday 31st May 2016, the Centenary of the Battle of Jutland, I was privileged to attend a commemoration which included Frederick William Watts, my wife’s Great Uncle. He was born on 25th July 1892 in Portsmouth and naturally enough joined the Royal Navy. At the time of the battle he was serving on board HMS Malaya. She was hit eight times, taking major damage and heavy casualties. A total of 65 men died during the battle while  others died later of their injuries. Frederick succumbed to his wounds on 1st June 1916, exactly 100 years from the date I am writing this piece. He left a young widow, Alice. Frederick is buried in Lyness Royal Navy Cemetery on the island of Hoy in the Orkneys.

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There will be a Remembrance service at Buckler’s Hard on 15th June 2016 and the unveiling of a permanent memorial. This will be a great opportunity for families of people who were on the SS Persia on 30th December 1915 … Continue reading

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